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Finding A Fund to Fit Your Charitable Goals

Types of Funds

Finding the fund to fit your charitable goals

We offer flexible giving options and multiple fund types to meet donors’ interests and charitable goals. The fund type that works best for you ultimately depends on how involved you wish to be in making grants or distributions from your fund. We welcome the opportunity to connect with you to better understand your goals and how we can best support your wishes. We encourage you to contact our friendly and experienced team at 920.921.2215 or by email to get started on your new fund journey.


Unrestricted Fund: Unrestricted funds are granted at the discretion of the Fond du Lac Area Foundation’s Board of Directors who determine where the most needs are in the community. Undesignated funds offer great flexibility in meeting existing and future community needs.


Designated Fund: Donors choose one or more specific nonprofit organizations to support


Donor Advised Fund: Donors personally recommend grants to support nonprofit organizations and projects


Field of Interest Fund: Donors support a general cause rather than a specific charity


Scholarship Fund: Donors provide post-secondary scholarships for high school graduates and current college students


Acorn Fund: Donors make an initial gift of at least $1,000 and build the fund over time (Until endowment level of $10,000 is reached)


Temporary or Non-Permanent Fund: This fund will help a donor accomplish a specific charitable objective or project that may be short-term in nature. Two examples of this type of fund would be:

  1. a fund to accept contributions for a capital campaign or for a specific project
  2. a fund that would provide a charitable benefit for a limited amount of time and would then be “spent down”


Supporting Organization: A supporting organization is a separate entity that is recognized for tax purposes and has its own governing body. It receives its public charity status because of its affiliation and common purpose to the community foundation.


Additional Information

  • An acorn fund can be established for $1,000.
  • Once a fund is established, any amount may be added as a gift, memorial, or bequest.
  • Contributions – both large and small – may be made to the Foundation at any time as a memorial or honorarium to a family member or friend.
  • The Foundation staff will acknowledge all gifts and provide appropriate tax receipts. All gifts are tax deductible.