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Family of Funds

The Foundation holds more than 500 community and donor-established funds. Below is a comprehensive list of all funds held at the Fond du Lac Area Foundation, which includes those established on behalf of our affiliates.


To learn more about how to establish your own fund at the Foundation, please contact our donor relations team.


4-H Endowment Fund FDLAF
4-H Non Endowed Fund FDLAF
AAUW Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Abfall Family Fund BDACF
Abraham J. Flood Legacy Fund FDLAF
Adashun Jones/Signature Homes Legacy Fund FDLAF
Adrian Fund, Dr. Ivan & Mary FDLAF
Adrian Schmitz, Jr. Memorial Fund FDLAF
Advocap Endowment Fund FDLAF
Ag Ambassador Program Fund FDLAF
Agnes Rose Memorial Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Alan R. Lemery Choral Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Alma Salchert Math Scholarship FDLAF
Altrusa International of Fond du Lac Fund FDLAF
American Legion Post #156 Badger Boys/Girls FDLAF
American Legion Post #156 NFDL Scholarship FDLAF
American Legion Post 454 Mt.Calvary Scholarship Fund FDLAF
American Legion Trier-Puddy Berkholtz Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Amy’s Amyzing Smiles Fund FDLAF
Anderson Sisters Fund FDLAF
Andrew and Ellen Humleker Family Fund FDLAF
Ann and Arnold Leestma Fund FDLAF
Ann and Harry Horner Fund FDLAF
Anne Abel Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Arc of Fond du Lac Inc. Endowment Fund FDLAF
Arc of Fond du Lac Nonendowed Fund FDLAF
Arlene Abler Fund FDLAF
Arline Taylor Weber Fund FDLAF
Arnold and Meta Firle Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Arthur W. & Florence H. Michler Family Fund FDLAF
Arts Council Fund – Fond du Lac FDLAF
Badgerland Youth for Christ Endowed Fund FDLAF
Badgerland Youth for Christ Non-Endowed Fund FDLAF
Bailey’s Gift Fund FDLAF
Beaver Dam Area Community Foundation Administrative Fund BDACF
Beaver Dam Area Community Foundation General Fund BDACF
Beaver Dam Area Community Foundation Travel Fund BDACF
Beaver Dam Area Community Theatre Non-Endowed Fund BDACF
Beaver Dam Area Orchestra Fund BDACF
Beaver Dam Area Orchestra Non-Endowed Fund BDACF
Beaver Dam Lake Improvement Association Fund BDACF
Beaver Dam Police Charities Fund BDACF
Beaver Dam Police Dept. K-9 Program Fund BDACF
Beaver Dam Police Dept. Kids Fund BDACF
Beaver Dam Professional Firefighters Charities Fund BDACF
Beaver Dam Rotary Lights Fund BDACF
Beaver Dam Unified School District Education Fund BDACF
Because We Care Fund BDACF
Ben Booher Memorial Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Berger Family Fund FDLAF
Berkholtz Family Community Fund FDLAF
Bernard & Maureen Schreiner Fund FDLAF
Bernie & Kathy Jones Family Legacy Fund FDLAF
Bernie Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Bethany Christian Services Fund FDLAF
Betty Trent’s Happy Faces Scholarship FDLAF
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Fond du Lac County Fund FDLAF
Bill & Penny Werner Family Fund FDLAF
Bill and Donna Behnke Fund FDLAF
Birkholz Memorial Fund, Craig FDLAF
Bob & Carol Hyland Family Fund FDLAF
Bob & Dorothy Royea Family Fund FDLAF
Bob Fishelson Fund FDLAF
Bone Marrow Fund FDLAF
Bo’s Heavenly Clubhouse Fund BDACF
Braelon Allen Fund FDLAF
Brandenburg Fund, Bob & Margaret FDLAF
Brandon Public Library Fund FDLAF
Brenner Fund, Irene and Arno FDLAF
Briggs Community Fund, Eleanor FDLAF
Bristol Morgan Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Brooke Industries Fund FDLAF
Brownsville Community Club Fund FDLAF
Burrows Fund, George & Shirley FDLAF
C.D. Smith Foundation Fund FDLAF
Caitlin Scannell Memorial Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Carew Family Fund FDLAF
Carl W. & Delnia Tonjes Fund FDLAF
Carlson Family Fund BDACF
Carolyn A. Victor Land Conservancy Fund FDLAF
Cayen Family Fund FDLAF
CEO Non Endowed Fund FDLAF
Cerebral Palsy Endowment Fund FDLAF
Charity Club Fund FDLAF
Charlie & Betty Beardsley Family Fund FDLAF
Checkbook Administrative Fund FDLAF
Children’s Museum of Fond du Lac Fund FDLAF
Church Health Services Endowment Fund BDACF
Church Health Services Non-Endowed Fund BDACF
City of Beaver Dam Arts Festival Fund BDACF
City of Beaver Dam Downtown Beautification Fund BDACF
City of Beaver Dam Parks Fund BDACF
City of Beaver Dam Project Lifesaver Fund BDACF
City of Fox Lake Clausen Park Fund BDACF
City of Ripon Community Fund FDLAF
Civil War Memorial Fund FDLAF
Clarence and Mary Council Austin FDLAF
Cliff & Mary Rohde Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Community Education Opportunities Fund FDLAF
Fond du Lac Area Foundation Community Fund FDLAF
Community Health Plan Health and Wellness Fund FDLAF
Conflict Resolution Center Legacy Fund FDLAF
Cops for Kids Endowment Fund FDLAF
Cops for Kids Non Endowed Fund FDLAF
DAJJ Memorial Fund FDLAF
Dani Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Darel and Donna Handley Family Fund FDLAF
Dave Cook Scholarship Fund FDLAF
David & Rita Metzger Scholarship Fund FDLAF
David Eldon Wohler Scholarship Fund FDLAF
David J. Hornung Fund FDLAF
David Taylor Weber Memorial Fund FDLAF
Dean & Sandy Osborn Family Fund FDLAF
Del Briggs Fund FDLAF
DeNyse Peterson Children’s Education Fund FDLAF
Depot Caboose Fund BDACF
Destiny C. Kogler-Reinwald Scholarship Fund Horicon
Dixie and John Wier Memorial Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Dixon Children’s Medical Fund, Elmer & Nellie FDLAF
Dodge County Center for the Arts Fund BDACF
Dodge County Concert Association Fund BDACF
Dodge County Fair Association Fund BDACF
Dodge County Historical Society Endowment Fund BDACF
Dodge County Sheriff’s Office TEMS Fund BDACF
Donald & Marilyn Cayen Family Fund FDLAF
Donald E. Castle Fund FDLAF
Donald G. Jones Legacy Fund FDLAF
Donald H. & Mary Lou Smith Fund FDLAF
Donald J. & Mary D. Geddeis Charitable Fund BDACF
Donald P. and Marjorie W. Cummins Fund FDLAF
Dornfeld Scholarship Fund Horicon
Dorothy & Ervin Klumpyan Fund FDLAF
Dottie & Jim Keenan Fund FDLAF
Douglas Lee Fund FDLAF
Downtown Fond du Lac Fund FDLAF
Downtown Public Space Development Fund BDACF
Dr. David and Mary Weber Fund FDLAF
Dr. J. Michael Doyle Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Dr. James and Shirley Rupple Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Dr. Raymond C. Wifler Music Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Earl A. & Mary M. Wohlust Fund FDLAF
Edgarton Fund, Allan L. and Helen M. FDLAF
Edmund A & Margaret A. Anders Scholarship FDLAF
Edna N. Chase Laird Education Fund FDLAF
Edward A. & Ethel F. Malone Fund FDLAF
Edward J. and Wilhelmina J. Sabel Fund FDLAF
Elaine & Robert Middleton Fund FDLAF
Eldon & Marian Wohler Memorial Fund FDLAF
Elizabeth ‘Betty’ M. Benzie Fund FDLAF
Elks Jolene Matusinec Foreign Language Scholarship FDLAF
Elmer and Nellie Dixon Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Eloise Rueping Atkinson Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Emmett & Diane Leonhardt Family Fund FDLAF
Environmental Enrichment Fund FDLAF
Eugene Burg Fund FDLAF
Excel Engineering, Inc. Fund FDLAF
Fond du Lac City Parks Flower Fund FDLAF
Fond du Lac County Bar Association Endowment Fund FDLAF
Fond du Lac Fire Dept.- Chris Henning Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Fond du Lac High School PAC Fund FDLAF
Fond du Lac Public Library Endowment Fund FDLAF
Fond du Lac Public Library Solar Fund FDLAF
Felix & Helen Bauer Family Fund FDLAF
Focus on Women Fund BDACF
Fond de Vettes Corvette Club Fund FDLAF
Fond du Lac  Humane Society Fund FDLAF
Fond du Lac Center for Spirituality and Healing Fund FDLAF
Fond du Lac County Medical Society Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Fond du Lac County Disaster Relief Fund FDLAF
Fond du Lac County Medical Society Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Fond du Lac Fire Department – Josh Polhamus Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Fond du Lac High School Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Fond du Lac Literacy Service Endowment Fund FDLAF
Fond du Lac Loop Fund FDLAF
Fond du Lac Public Library Mertes Fund FDLAF
Fond du Lac Rotary Club Charities, Inc. Fund FDLAF
Fond du Lac School District Endowment Acuity Fund FDLAF
Fond du Lac Symphonic Band Endowment Fund FDLAF
Fond du Lac Symphonic Band Fund FDLAF
Fond du Lac Visiting Nurse Association Fund FDLAF
Fond du Lac Women’s Club Fund FDLAF
Fond du Lac Y Screen Fund FDLAF
Fond du Lac YMCA Foundation Fund FDLAF
Fondy 100 Gives Fund FDLAF
Fondy Acoustic Music Alliance Fund FDLAF
Fox Valley Insurance Group Fund FDLAF
Frances & John Welles Science Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Francis and Ruth Oberreich Foundation FDLAF
Frank & Leta Sabish Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Franke Family Memorial Fund FDLAF
Frazier Fund, Florian F. Frazier and Jane H. Koll FDLAF
Fredric Ulrich Scholarship Fund Horicon
Free S.P.I.R.I.T. Riders Endowment Fund FDLAF
Friend of Ascension Lutheran Church Fund FDLAF
Friends of the Arts Fund FDLAF
Friends of the FDL Senior Center, Inc. Fund FDLAF
Friends of Women in Recovery FDLAF
Gaffin Fund, Catherine and John FDLAF
Galanis Fund FDLAF
Galloway House and Village Fund FDLAF
Gary & Janet Smith Fund FDLAF
Gary D. & Linda A. Smet Fund FDLAF
Gathering Source Fund BDACF
George D. & Marilyn J. McCallum Family Fund FDLAF
George J. & Mary C. Becker Fund FDLAF
George M. & Margaret E. Corcoran and Thomas & Catherine Fitzgerald Memorial Fund FDLAF
George R. Abel Galloway House Fund FDLAF
Gibbs Family Fund BDACF
Giddings & Lewis Foundation Fund FDLAF
Giddings & Lewis Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Gilgenbach Legacy Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Gilmore Family Fund FDLAF
Glasnapp Art Scholarship FDLAF
Glasnapp Salem United Methodist Church Fund FDLAF
Glen & Dr. Barbara Link Fund BDACF
Gold Star Memorial Trail Fund BDACF
Gormican Fund, Roger and Ruth FDLAF
Grace & Arch Adrian Fund FDLAF
Grace and Heinie Beau Music Fund FDLAF
Grace Jahn Kurtz Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Graham Memorial Fund, Carol Jane FDLAF
Green Valley Enterprises, Inc. Fund BDACF
Green Valley Legacy Fund BDACF
Greg and Donna Braatz Fund FDLAF
Gross Fund, Thomas J. & Christine A. FDLAF
Gundelach Scholarship FDLAF
H. John & Barbara Pollei Fund FDLAF
Haak Fund FDLAF
Habitat for Humanity of Fond du Lac County Inc. FDLAF
Habitat for Humanity of Fond du Lac County Non-Endowed Fund FDLAF
Harold C. Berkholtz Art Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Harold C. Berkholtz Contour Notes Fund FDLAF
Harold C. Berkholtz Wrap Fund FDLAF
Harold F. Breit Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Harold Kurtz Teacher Appreciation Fund FDLAF
Harold L. Sabel Fund FDLAF
Harold R. & Lois A. Hauffe Memorial Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Harold R. and Elizabeth A. Schneider Fund FDLAF
Harold Reinecke Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Helen B. Perry Donor Advised Fund FDLAF
Helen B. Perry Fund FDLAF
Henkel Fund, Charles and Merle FDLAF
Henkel Special Fund FDLAF
Henken Fund, Dr. Willard & Dolores FDLAF
Henry Wetter Award for Community Service Fund FDLAF
Heritage Club Fund FDLAF
Herman C. Stieg Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Herre Veterans’ Emergency Assistance Fund FDLAF
Hierl Holdings Inc Fund FDLAF
Historic Downtown Fond du Lac Endowment Fund FDLAF
Home Sweet Schools FDLAF
Horicon Area Fund Horicon
Horicon Bank Charitable Fund Horicon
Horizon Fund FDLAF
Horizon Fund, Leona C. Weier FDLAF
Hornung-Verbeten Fund FDLAF
Howard & Lorene Alexander Music Award Fund FDLAF
IAM Local Lodge #1947 Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Interservice Club Pool Fund FDLAF
Izaak Walton League of America – A.D. Sutherland Chapter Scholarship Fund FDLAF
J Fund – Dave & Jan Schmidt FDLAF
Jack & Linda Twohig Fund FDLAF
Jacquelyn M. Plaisance Peterson Fund FDLAF
James and Jacqueline Marcoe Memorial Fund FDLAF
James E. & Diane K. Hankes Fund BDACF
Janet & Donald Julka Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Jean & Joan Waterland Church Health Services Memorial Fund BDACF
Jeffrey L. Merrill Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Jerome N. & Gerda F. Strupp Fund FDLAF
Jerry & Dixie Sullivan Community Fund FDLAF
Jerry & Dixie Sullivan Family Designated Fund FDLAF
Jerry & Marjorie Gordon Fund FDLAF
Jess Ellison Legacy Fund FDLAF
Jim and Mary Arthur Fund FDLAF
Jim Gescheidle Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Jim Gilmore Law Enforcement Scholarship Fund FDLAF
JoAnn Ward Fund FDLAF
Joe & Sue Kemp Fund FDLAF
Joel D. Klanderman & Donna M. Renderman Klanderman Family Fund FDLAF
John & June Neumann Fund FDLAF
John and Sheila Boyle Engineering Scholarship Fund FDLAF
John and Sheila Boyle Fund FDLAF
John D. and Jane A. Wilson Scholarship Fund FDLAF
John Ebert Internship Fund FDLAF
John H. Schiller Fund FDLAF
John Newman Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Jolayne Ingebritson Memorial Scholarship FDLAF
Joseph Roblee Fund FDLAF
Joswick Family Fund BDACF
Julie Riese Memorial Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Julius & Patsy Baerwald Family Scholarship Fund BDACF
Julka Fund, Donald N. & Janet S. FDLAF
Julka MUSIC Fund, Donald N. & Janet S. FDLAF
Kaemmer Family Fund, Jean and Art FDLAF
Kaiser Fund, Erwin J. FDLAF
Kathleen K. Soles Fund FDLAF
Katie & Chuck Hornung Fund FDLAF
Kenneth Immel Memorial Fund FDLAF
Kevin & Cassie Morasch Family Fund FDLAF
Kevin & Debbie Freund Family Fund FDLAF
Kevin Fischer Maga Fund FDLAF
Kieffer Family Fund BDACF
Kiekhaefer Memorial Fund, E.C. FDLAF
Klanderman Memorial Scholarship FDLAF
Krolczyk Fund, Leonard A. FDLAF
Kuber Fund, Jim & Marie FDLAF
Lakeside Forward, LLC Charitable Fund FDLAF
Lakeside Holiday Light Show Fund FDLAF
Lakeside Park Charitable Fund FDLAF
Larry Martiny Servant Leadership Fund FDLAF
LaVerne McCann Fund FDLAF
Leonard/Lewis Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Lewis C. Hack & Lois E. Hack Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Loaves and Fishes Fund FDLAF
Lois and Graham Whiting Arts and Humanities Fund FDLAF
Lomira K-9 Fund BDACF
Ludden Family Fund, Charles L. FDLAF
Luke & Daiquiri Fouch Gospel Fund FDLAF
Lyman and Laura Powell Family Fund FDLAF
Madame Joanne Thorkelson Legacy Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Manufacturing Enterprise Center, Inc. Fund FDLAF
Margaret Banta Humleker Fund FDLAF
Margene Roth Humane Society Fund FDLAF
Marian R. Simons Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Marilyn Bach Family Fund FDLAF
Mark & Sarah Radtke Fund FDLAF
Mark Seidel ‘Lets Keep It Positive’ Fund FDLAF
Marsh Haven Nature Center Endowed Fund BDACF
Marsh Haven Nature Center non-Endowed Fund BDACF
Martin Endowment Fund, Audrey FDLAF
Mary Callahan Becker Educational Fund FDLAF
Mary E. Abel Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Mary E. McEntee Fond du Lac Humane Society Fund FDLAF
Mary E. McEntee Salvation Army Fund FDLAF
Mary E. McEntee St. Charles Cemetery Fund FDLAF
Mary Lou Lindroth Fund FDLAF
Massey Family Fund, Tom & Therese FDLAF
Mayville Open Door Fund BDACF
McCann Fund, Scott FDLAF
McDermott Park Fund FDLAF
McGalloway Fund for the Homeless & Hungry FDLAF
Melissa & Mike Hierl Family Fund FDLAF
Melody Schmidt Memorial Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Mercury Marine Fund FDLAF
Michael & Faith Ninnemann Krueger Fund FDLAF
Michael & Margaret Tebo Fund FDLAF
Michael & Mary Strigenz Family Fund FDLAF
Michael & Stacey Sadoff Fund FDLAF
Michael J. Wolfe Memorial Fund FDLAF
Mike & Barb Hoerth Family Fund FDLAF
Mike & Teresa Keenan Fund FDLAF
Mike and Lynne Homes ‘Excellence in Education’ Fund FDLAF
Miles & Florence Adrian Fund FDLAF
Militello Family Fund BDACF
Millin Family Fund FDLAF
Moser Fund, Alice & Robert FDLAF
Nathan H. & Laura M. Schmidt Church of Our Saviour Endowment Fund FDLAF
Nathan Manis Scholarship Fund FDLAF
National Exchange Bank Foundation Inc. Fund FDLAF
National Exchange Bank Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Neal & Mary Ann Salter Fund FDLAF
NEBAT Education Fund FDLAF
Neil & Marion Hobbs Fund FDLAF
Nelson Memorial Fund, Barbara R. FDLAF
New Beginnings Homeless Shelter of Dodge County Fund BDACF
Oakfield Community Foundation Fund FDLAF
Oakfield School District- Eva B. Smith Fund FDLAF
Oakfield Schools Fund- Leila McChain Fund FDLAF
O’Connor Family Fund BDACF
Officer Craig Birkholz Memorial Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Olsen-Winkler Family Fund FDLAF
Operation Welcome Home Fund FDLAF
Parks Family Charitable Fund FDLAF
Parks Family Society Insurance Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Patricia A. Miller Fund FDLAF
Patricia A. Miller Unrestricted Fund FDLAF
Patricia G. McGalloway Fond du Lac Public Library FDLAF
Patrick & Diane Lutz Family Fund BDACF
Patrick & Samantha Flood Family Fund FDLAF
Paul Dix Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Paul E. & Margaret Kremer Fund FDLAF
Paul Michler Legacy Fund FDLAF
Pete Runde Memorial Music Fund FDLAF
Peter A. Zacherl Family Fund FDLAF
Peter V. & Patricia R. Popp Fund FDLAF
Peterson, Stephen M. & Karla J. FDLAF
Phillip Thiessen Memorial Scholarship FDLAF
Pike Family Fund, Charles E. FDLAF
Planned Giving Fund FDLAF
Playground Movement Beaver Dam Inc Fund BDACF
Program Service – US Bank FDLAF
Program Service Fund NEBAT FDLAF
Raleigh H. Fahrendorff Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Ralph G. & Shirley R. Martin Arc Fund FDLAF
Ralph G. & Shirley R. Martin Hospice Home of Hope Fund FDLAF
Ralph G. & Shirley R. Martin Salvation Army Food Pantry Fund FDLAF
Rawhide Boy’s Ranch Fund FDLAF
Raymond R. & Jeanne A. Colwin Fund FDLAF
Rechek Family Fund BDACF
Red Line Fund BDACF
Reilly Pet Care Fund FDLAF
Residential Services Endowment Fund FDLAF
Rev. Philip Kurtz Memorial Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Richard & Ann Blamey Endowed Family Fund FDLAF
Richard & Ann Blamey Non Endowed Family Fund FDLAF
Richard ‘Dick’ W. Henken Memorial Fund FDLAF
Richard J. & Andrea M. Patin Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Richter Memorial Fund, Gerald & Olive FDLAF
Rita & Robert Rucks Special Education Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Rita J. & Robert E. Rucks Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Robert & Ann Fale Fund FDLAF
Robert & Jane Shirek Fund FDLAF
Robert C. and Beverly J. Gross Fund FDLAF
Robert G. & Marian H. Petri Fund FDLAF
Robert N. & Alice M. Promen Fund FDLAF
Roberts Memorial Fund, Francis J. FDLAF
Roger Waisanen Memorial Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Ron Brien Memorial Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Ronald D. Hamilton Memorial Scholarship FDLAF
Ross & Cindy Casetta Barden Fund FDLAF
Rotary Club of Beaver Dam Non-Endowed Fund BDACF
Roy F. and Minna Willis Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Rutz Memorial Fund, Eleanor & William FDLAF
Sabish Student Council Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Sadoff Community Fund, Arthur H. & Thelma C. FDLAF
Sadoff Fund, Ronald B. FDLAF
Sager Fund, Steve & Mimi FDLAF
Salute the Troops Fund FDLAF
Salvation Army (YMCA) Childcare Fund FDLAF
Sandi Braun Roehrig Family Fund FDLAF
Schwartzburg Family Fund FDLAF
Schwertfeger Fund Horicon
Searl Family Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Selma R. (Soffa) Wolfson Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Service League Fund FDLAF
Sheli Sadoff Acorn Fund FDLAF
Sigma Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Simonson/Krasin Family Fund FDLAF
Society Insurance Charitable Fund FDLAF
Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Dodge Co. Fund BDACF
Solutions Center – Domestic Violence Fund FDLAF
Sonnenberg Fund FDLAF
Sons of Zebedee Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Soroptimist International of FDL Foundation Feminarum Fund FDLAF
South Shore Chorale Fund FDLAF
Spartan Foundation Fund FDLAF
St. Joseph’s Scouting Committee Fund FDLAF
St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery Fund FDLAF
St. Peter Athletic Club Development Fund FDLAF
St. Peter Fund, John & Sally FDLAF
Stenson Sisters Fund FDLAF
Steve & Barb Dilling Family Fund FDLAF
Steve & Lynne Uecker Music Fund FDLAF
Steve & Marianne Kramer Fund FDLAF
Steven & Kelli Little Fund FDLAF
Steven V. Wilburn Fund FDLAF
Stevenson Fund, John & Judy FDLAF
Stormo Family Fund FDLAF
Sue & Jeff Rehberg Family Fund BDACF
Susan M. Henken Zibung Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Swan Park Fund BDACF
Sweet ‘Excellence in Education’ Fund, David & Kathryn FDLAF
Sword Financial Charitable Fund Horicon
The Alliance to the Fond du Lac County Medical Society Fund FDLAF
The Child Care Provider Training Fund FDLAF
Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts Fund FDLAF
Theodore & Dorothy Heinle Fund FDLAF
Thomas & Anne Petri Fund FDLAF
Thomas & Jeannine Guilfoile Fund FDLAF
Thomas & Marilyn Tobin Fund FDLAF
Thomas E. Kenas Memorial Fund FDLAF
Tim & Cathy Mathweg Fund FDLAF
Tom & Judy Heffron Family Fund BDACF
Tom & Therese Massey Designated Fund FDLAF
Tom and Jinny Baker Family Fund FDLAF
Toriello Fund FDLAF
Treleven Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Trent Schueffner Memorial Fund FDLAF
United Commercial Travelers of Fond du Lac Fund FDLAF
United Way Fund FDLAF
UW Fond du Lac Fund FDLAF
Vetter Fund, Dr. Edward W. and Myrtle G. FDLAF
Virginia ‘Pat’ Scharf Lakeside Park Flower Fund FDLAF
Walter R. Bussewitz Scholarship Fund Horicon
Warren and Florence Schellinger Memorial Fund FDLAF
Waupun Community Fund FDLAF
Waupun Festivals Fund BDACF
Waupun Fine Arts Fund BDACF
Waupun Historical Society Fund BDACF
Webster M. Hurst Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Wetter Memorial Fund FDLAF
WF- Jane R. Peterson Fund FDLAF
Willard ‘Jake’ Gores Scholarship Fund FDLAF
William & Karen Shaw Family Fund FDLAF
William Klake & Iona Keller-Klake Fund FDLAF
Williams Fund, ALJ CAJ FDLAF
WINGS Scholarship Fund FDLAF
Winnebago Lutheran Academy Endowment Fund FDLAF
Wolfe Memorial Fund, Betty FDLAF
Women’s Fund FDLAF
Wright, Jr. Fund, Edgar A. FDLAF
Zoch Fund FDLAF