Investing in Tomorrow


The Foundation regularly awards over $250,000 in scholarships a year to help locally based students pay for college. Thank you to our fund donors who make this all possible and to all our application reading committee members for their part in our award process!

Types of Scholarships

Undergraduate Scholarships

Calling all graduating seniors! Our Scholarship Portal offers opportunities for a wide range of degrees and passions. Most scholarship funds have specific eligibility requirements established by the donor, such as enrollment at a particular high school or specialization in a particular field of study. Most scholarship criteria is based on financial need, academic performance, extracurricular activities, and volunteer/community involvement.

College Student/Adult Scholarships

Whether you are returning to college later in life or enrolling for the first time as an adult, our Scholarship Portal offers opportunities for degree-seeking adults. Most scholarship funds have specific eligibility requirements established by the donor, such geographic location or specialization in a particular field of study.

How to Apply


Students may apply for scholarships by first creating a student account in the Scholarship Portal. All scholarship seekers must establish an account. If you created a student account last year, that account is still active and you can sign in again using those login credentials. Students may only access the common applications if they have portal accounts.


The 2024-2025 awards season will officially begin when common applications premiere on February 1, 2024.


Application Deadlines


  • Graduating high school seniors must complete their common applications by March 31.
  • Current college students must complete their common applications by April 15.


Good luck to all of our applicants!

Scholarship FAQ

The Foundation is committed to academic success for students through the power of scholarships. Our scholarship program offers awards that are impactful and, in some cases, renewable to increase students’ chances of academic and financial success.

Questions? Our team is available to help at 920.921.2215.

Who can apply for a Foundation scholarship?

Degree-seeking high school graduates, college students, and adults are eligible to apply for scholarships based on applicable criteria.

What do Foundation scholarships fund?

Each scholarship has varying award amounts and conditions. Award amounts may range from $500 to several thousand dollars. Awards depend on the size of the particular scholarship fund and the number of qualified applicants each year. Scholarship conditions require that awards may be used for qualified educational expenses at an accredited college, university, technical, vocational, or trade school.

Scholarship awards can be used for the following:

• Tuition

• Required fees

• Room and board (in some cases)

• Books (in some cases)

Scholarship awards cannot be used for the following: (Please note that this list is not exhaustive.)

• Sports season tickets

• Parking passes and/or tickets

• Non-school related expenses

• Late fees

Are Foundation scholarships renewable?

Some Foundation scholarships are renewable, meaning that as long as renewal criteria is met, students will receive funding for up to four years of college, or until graduation, whichever comes first. Some scholarships are one-time awards only. This information will be made clear in the scholarship communications.

Do I need to complete more than one application?

The Foundation’s Scholarship Portal utilizes a ‘common application‘ which means applicants complete one application and are automatically applied to all scholarships they fit the criteria for.

Can I start a Foundation scholarship application and finish it later?

Yes! You will set up an account in our Scholarship Portal that will allow you to save your application and return to it at a later time.

I missed the Foundation’s scholarship deadline. Can I still apply?

Completed applications must be received on or before the stated deadline. Late or incomplete applications are unable to be considered.

When and how will my Foundation scholarship be awarded?

In most cases, scholarship checks are sent directly to the recipient’s school, provided students have submitted the required information. Checks are made payable to the recipient’s school, and they are typically mailed in late summer.