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Working Together in the Interest of Philanthropy

Your clients rely on your guidance to make important financial decisions. When it comes to charitable giving, we can partner with you to simplify their giving and amplify their impact.

Some circumstances in which professional advisors refer clients to the Foundation include:

  • Regularly giving to charity
  • Supporting multiple nonprofits each year
  • Selling a business
  • Planning for retirement
  • Realizing a financial gain
  • Estate, legacy, or tax planning
  • Facing a desire to scale up their charitable giving


When you work with the Fond du Lac Area Foundation, you will not only have access to a host of charitable giving options for your clients, but also a committed staff with extensive knowledge of the community and the latest trends in philanthropy. You can feel confident that your client’s charitable and financial goals will be our top priority.


There are many benefits to working with the Foundation:

  • Personalized service: We work together to develop a giving approach that matches your clients’ interests and addresses their tax-planning needs. We help integrate charitable giving and engage family members.
  • Community knowledge: Our staff continually monitors community needs, including human services, education, the environment, healthcare, the arts, and economic development. We convene the right people and organizations to address issues and explore opportunities.
  • Investment expertise: The Foundation is involved in deeply rooted investment partnerships with National Exchange Bank & Trust and U.S. Bank. These partnerships give us access to a mature, well-diversified investment portfolio that is managed and monitored on a regular basis.
  • Experience with non-cash gifts: In addition to gifts of cash and marketable securities, we accept gifts of real estate, closely held businesses, and other non-cash assets.
  • Accountability: We are responsible stewards of gifts. We preserve and execute donor intent in perpetuity. We conduct a full review of all nonprofits prior to grant distributions. We maintain communication with these agencies to ensure that donor wishes are fulfilled.
  • Flexibility: While our mission is to focus on the needs of Fond du Lac County, we can distribute grants to verified 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations throughout the United States and across the globe.
  • Convenience: Donors have 24/7 access to their fund information, allowing them to submit online grant recommendations, view fund balance(s), and review transaction history.
  • Anonymity: We can establish a fund, accept a gift, or award a grant in a way that will protect privacy.


We are here to work in partnership with you for the benefit of those clients who are driven to create positive change.  To learn more about the Fond du Lac Area Foundation, call 920-921-2215 or email info@fdlareafoundation.com.