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Grantee Requirements

Are You Eligible for a Grant from the Foundation?

Check the following:

  • Applications are considered for projects or programs that provide a direct benefit to the people of a respective community, such as Fond du Lac or Dodge County.
  • The applicant must be a 501(c)3 charitable organization.
  • Individuals and families are not eligible for grants.


Purposes for which funds may be requested:

  • Projects should be for educational, cultural, charitable, or benevolent purposes that will benefit and improve the region or a specific population.
  • Projects should be creative, innovative, and address community needs.
  • Projects are expected to be accomplished within a reasonable period of time, generally not more than one year.


Grants are typically not awarded:

  • To support operating or on-going expenses of organizations.
  • To pay wages or salaries.
  • In response to annual drives, to eliminate previously incurred deficits or expenses, or for debt retirement.
  • To endowment funds.
  • For religious or sectarian purposes.
  • To individuals, other than through scholarship funds.
  • For lobbying, partisan political purposes, or campaigns.


Preparing for the Grant Application


Grant applicants are encouraged to start gathering information for the next grant cycle long before the application deadline. Below is a list of items you will need to complete the application:

  • Organization’s Federal ID number.
  • Copy of organization’s 990 for the most recent year.
  • Copy of organization’s income and expense statements for current fiscal year.
  • Background information on the applicant organization which may include date established, number of full-time employees, number of regular volunteers, description of mission, population served and principal geographic area.
  • Fiscal information on the applicant organization which may include dates of fiscal year, amount of endowment or reserve funds, total operating expenses for past fiscal year, and current year budget.
  • Detailed budget for grant proposal.
  • Full description of the grant proposal including identification of the problem or need that the grant award addresses, the project goals, the audience served, the geographical location(s) served, and other sources of support.