Connecting Community

Together, we bring to life what’s important to you.


The Fond du Lac Area Foundation will support efforts to enhance the quality of life in the Fond du Lac Area.



Creating a better community by promoting philanthropy, awarding effective grants, and providing leadership on important community issues … today & forever.


Collaborating to Create a Stronger Fond du Lac County

Fond du Lac County is a region that thrives on connection and tradition. It is a patchwork of nonprofit organizations, businesses, and municipalities – community clubs, neighborhoods, and people. When we are at our best, everyone is working together toward a brighter future. But each vision of a brighter future looks a little different. Ours is forward-thinking and inclusive, and we have built a Foundation that helps individuals, families, companies, and organizations invest in bold futures for the community and its people.


The Foundation addresses today’s needs through multiple avenues of granting and awareness, and we thrive on collaborative relationships with our community partners. We believe that together we can do more and be more. We pride ourselves on looking at the holistic needs of the community, including education, arts, food and housing security, infrastructure, animals, the environment, wellness, and more.

The Foundation operates with the understanding that we can make a big difference in the world, one gift at a time. With grant-giving experience since 1975, we are committed to the future of the community. We find creative ways to support the growth and development of our region by forging lasting relationships with – and between – donors, financial advisors, community leaders, and nonprofits.

The Fond du Lac Area Foundation is a not-for-profit organization classified as a publicly supported 501(c)3 charity under the Internal Revenue Code. We are governed by a community-based, volunteer board of directors and administered by professional staff. We serve Fond du Lac County.