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Helping Local Nonprofits Flourish

Working Together for a Better Fond du Lac County

Strong nonprofits are vital to the health of our communities. The Fond du Lac Area Foundation invests directly in nonprofit organizations, communities, and systems of change to solve problems and impact lives. We seek out and support innovative solutions that lead to community transformation. We are fortunate to partner with countless local nonprofits who are working every day to make our communities a better place for all who call our region their home.

As a community foundation, we focus primarily on Fond du Lac County. We support initiatives that improve the lives of all those living in our great region. Working together to make the greatest difference requires a good understanding of the problems our nonprofit partners are trying to fix, the methods others have tried and the results, and the capabilities of the organization proposing a program.

We think that experience in the field is also essential. Our Foundation staff are experienced community members and nonprofit volunteers. These are the individuals who will work together with you and your nonprofit to make our community even better, whether through the administration of a nonprofit fund or a grant award.

No matter what, we are here for you.

Watch for the content on this page to evolve to best serve the needs of our local nonprofits. Feedback on content or resources that would be valuable to add? Email us today!

Establish a Nonprofit Fund

The Foundation aims to support a vibrant nonprofit community. While we do this in many ways, one of the most enduring is that we offer an easy path for forward-thinking organizations to build stability for their missions into the future: establishing a charitable fund at the Foundation.

By opening a charitable fund with the Foundation, community organizations can set aside funds to create long-term stability, plan for future growth, and add to the organization’s credibility with key donors. The Foundation works closely with the leadership of your organization to help establish a fund that supports your current
and future goals. As an additional benefit, the Foundation handles the administration of the fund, leaving your staff and board free to focus on what matters — your mission.


A charitable fund is all about your organization and its goals for the future, whether that means long-term savings or funding for specific, mission-oriented projects and programs. While a number of the charitable funds we manage for nonprofits are not endowed, an endowment fund is an ideal choice if you want to protect the longevity and legacy of your organization with a fund that is invested in perpetuity and a portion of the balance can be granted out each year.

When you open an endowment for your nonprofit, you are using your organization’s resources wisely by focusing on your nonprofit’s core mission while relying on our track record of sound investment management to ensure that its funds continue to grow and create a stable source of income for the future.

Apply for a Grant

The Foundation offers a number of grant opportunities for qualified nonprofit organizations interested in putting generosity to work in our communities. We invite eligible organizations to apply when each of the respective grant cycles are open, according to the guidelines articulated in the granting overview.

Grant options include the bi-annual grant cycles in spring and fall, Impact Grants, and Fondy 100 Gives.

Grants Portal

Visit our grants portal to apply for open grants, update contact information, or submit a follow-up grant agreement or report.