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Grantmaking Impact

A History of Powerful Grantmaking

Since 1975, the Fond du Lac Area Foundation has invested in nonprofit organizations that strive to improve the lives of people living, working, and serving Fond du Lac County. Our grant awards have and will continue to be investments in the region, helping fulfill our mission to improve lives by promoting and serving the community’s greatest needs.

We are proud of our rich grantmaking history, having disbursed countless grant awards to nonprofit organizations. These powerful awards are made possible by four types of grantmaking: donor-directed funds, scholarship funds, Impact Grants, and our bi-annual grant cycles in spring and fall.

Fiscal Year 2022 By the Numbers


Grants Awarded

$3.5 M

Charitable Donations Received


Grants Awarded


Scholarship Awards


“Its a wonderful way our community is supported by the community. It’s a win-win situation keeping funds local to be used for local nonprofits. What better way to help our citizens feel recognized, seen, and heard.”

– Fondy Food Pantry