The Success of the Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership: A Celebration of Community

Fond du Lac, Wis. (March 15, 2022):


The Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership has become a shining example of community engagement and revitalization. Each year, their annual meeting gives us the opportunity to hear all the remarkable achievements and interactive events that this nonprofit organization coordinates.

The Wisconsin Main Street Awards, held on Friday, April 21 in La Crosse, WI, brought together Main Street Directors from across the state to acknowledge and honor the accomplishments of Main Street Communities.

Among the deserving recipients, the Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership stood out, receiving the prestigious award for Best Business Development/Retention Program.


Here at the Fond du Lac Area Foundation, we congratulate the Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership on their well-deserved recognition and highlight the impact they have had on the community. The Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership’s Open Flags/Security Camera Grant/Photo Sessions initiative played a vital role in securing this accomplishment and creating a more welcoming environment for all those who visit the downtown area.

This award is a testament to the dedication and hard work of Executive Director, Amy Hansen, of the Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership, downtown business owners, and the countless volunteers who contribute to its success.


Their efforts are appreciated, and we eagerly anticipate the future successes and positive impact they will continue to generate.

The recognition bestowed upon the Downtown Fond du Lac Partnership serves as motivation to continue their mission of enhancing the downtown experience, supporting local businesses, and creating memorable experiences for all who visit the heart of Fond du Lac.