The Betty Trent Happy Faces Fund: Spreading Joy and Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Fond du Lac, Wis. (May 21, 2022):


When the name Betty Trent is said, smiles immediately fill the faces of everyone in hearing distance. Betty touches the lives of many with her contagious happiness and dedication to good deeds. Many of you may know her as Grandma Betty or Pip the Clown.

“Grandma Betty” has touched the lives of countless people in Fond du Lac. It’s truly amazing to see the number of individuals who attended her daycare and then sent their own children to the same school—a legacy spanning multiple generations. Throughout her life, Betty Trent has exemplified selflessness, always putting others before herself. Her unwavering dedication to spreading happiness and positively impacting the lives of those around her is remarkable.

In honor of her commitment to this city and our community, Tom and Kim Trent have started a scholarship in her name with The Fond du Lac Area Foundation! It’s called Betty Trent’s Happy Faces! We are incredibly excited to get this started while she is still able to be a part of it.


Now, the Betty Trent Happy Faces Fund will allow her positive way of life to continue to have an impact on future generations. Education is a powerful tool, and the Betty Trent Happy Faces Fund looks to support those who not only strive for academic excellence but also demonstrate a commitment to community service and making others smile. By awarding scholarships in Betty’s name, we hope to inspire young people to follow in her footsteps and continue spreading joy wherever they go.

The Betty Trent Happy Faces Fund is a celebration of a life well-lived, dedicated to spreading happiness and making a difference.


Through scholarships awarded to individuals who embody the spirit of community service and joy, Betty’s positive influence will continue to inspire and uplift future generations. Let us join as a community to share the story of Betty Trent and ensure that her legacy of happiness reaches far and wide. Together, we can make the whole city aware of this remarkable initiative and honor the woman who has touched our hearts and lives in such a profound way.

To learn about the many ways, you can donate to the Betty Trent Happy Faces Fund, visit