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Giving as a Family

How do you share the joy of giving with your loved ones?  Here are some tips to help you make a greater difference together.

  • Decide over dinner: Once a month collect fundraising ideas and discuss them as a family at the dinner table. Decide together if you will donate to these organizations, and if not, identify others you'd rather support.
  • Give time & talent: Encourage volunteering as a family. Talk to the young people in your life about what special skills they can share with organizations in your community and bring them along when you volunteer.
  • Try the 10% plan: Donate a percentage of your everyday expenses to help others meet their basic needs. Save grocery receipts and donate 10% of what you spend to a food pantry, contribute 10% of your rent or mortgage to help people find a home, or donate a portion of the cost of your sports ticket or museum membership to help someone else appreciate these pastimes.
  • Picture a better world: Make a collage of pictures of your family and cut outs from magazines to reflect the kind of change you want to make in the world.

Whether you're just starting to give as a family, or if you've been charitable for generations, it can be fun and worthwhile to reflect on the values you've inherited and experiences that have shape you. Talk about what inspires you, your vision for a better world, and the kind of legacy you want to create.

The following family conversation starters can help your family decide about the difference they would like to make:

What is your favorite nonprofit organization and why?

If you inherited $1 million to give to charity, how would you use it?

What is one experience in the world you think everyone should have?

What are three words that describe your families core values?

We are here to help you get the conversation started and help your family achieve your charitable dreams no matter how big or small.