Bo’s Heavenly Clubhouse

Beaver Dam, Wis.

Grief is a universal experience, but it is often a lonely and isolating journey. In the face of unbearable loss, families find themselves navigating a web of emotions without a map or compass. It was this profound need for support that led Wayne and Amanda Hartwig to the creation of Bo’s Heavenly Clubhouse.

In 2016, in the midst of their grief, Wayne and Amanda were unable to find any ministry or support networks that would help them live through the loss of their son Bo. Motivated by their own painful experience, they established Bo’s Heavenly Clubhouse to provide solace, understanding, and a strong support network for bereaved families in their darkest hours.

Bo’s Heavenly Clubhouse, a nonprofit organization, has become a lifeline for many families across Wisconsin.


Their commitment to their mission is unwavering. Offering a variety of different programs, they are able to cater to every family’s needs. One initiative is their care packages that bring a ray of hope and comfort to families. Additionally, the organization conducts support groups for parents to attend on the second and fourth Monday of each month. These groups provide a safe space for parents to share their pain, connect with others, and find support in their grief.

However, one of their most remarkable endeavors is their assistance with funeral expenses for children aged 18 and younger in the state of Wisconsin. By alleviating some of the financial burden that accompanies such an unimaginable loss, Bo’s Heavenly Clubhouse allows families to focus on healing and rebuilding their shattered lives.

In pursuit to make an even greater impact, Bo’s Heavenly Clubhouse has set up a fund with the Beaver Dam Area Community Foundation. This partnership aims to propel this organization to new heights, allowing them to expand their services and touch the lives of even more grieving families. With a goal of creating a larger impact on their community, Bo’s Heavenly Clubhouse has a vision of opening a Retreat Center for Grieving Families in and around Dodge County and beyond. This center would provide a serene haven where families can find respite, support, and healing.

Reflecting on their experience as a fund holder and grant recipient, Bo’s Heavenly Clubhouse praises the BDACF for being one of their biggest supporters.

In a society where grief is misunderstood and undervalued, the BDACF has recognized the importance of their work and extended a helping hand.


This partnership speaks volumes about the BDACF’s commitment to fostering a compassionate community and addressing the unmet needs of its residents.

As for the future, Bo’s Heavenly Clubhouse remains firm in its mission. Their ultimate goal is to establish a dedicated Grief Center, but they are still waiting to secure enough funding. Until then, their focus remains on continuing to serve grieving families with dedication and compassion.

Amanda, the President and Cofounder, expresses that “because grief doesn’t sleep, grief affects families at all hours of the day and night. We don’t stop serving because hearts don’t stop breaking.” Grief knows no bounds of time or place, so Bo’s Heavenly Clubhouse is ready to offer support and comfort whenever it is needed.


To the younger generation, Bo’s Heavenly Clubhouse offers a crucial message about the value of philanthropy and supporting community initiatives. They encourage young individuals to recognize the importance of those organizations that offer free or discounted support. You never know when you yourself might need to lean on them.

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