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Why Work with Us

The following are 7 reasons why attorneys, financial planners and CPAs partner with the Fond du Lac Area Foundation to serve their clients.

  1. Trust and Service- We recognize that every referral you make to your clients reflects back on you.  We value and honor the trust you place in us by providing your clients the best possible service.
  2. A Local Partner- We are here for you.  Professional advisors who refer clients to the Fond du Lac Area Foundation appreciate the fact that we're always available to meet with them and with their clients.
  3. Continuity- Sometimes it can take a client years to move into organized philanthropy with a charitable fund or other giving solution.  We'll be with you every step of the way while continuing to improve our products and services.
  4. Convenience- Even though we are located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, your clients can give through us from anywhere in the world.
  5. Expertise- Charitable giving is our business.  Our staff has decades of experience, are well versed and current on relevant rules and regulations in the community foundation field, and can help guide you through a variety of planned giving options to help find the best fit for your client.
  6. Flexibility- We offer a variety of vehicles to help your clients reach their charitable objectives.  Based on your clients' goals for charitable impact, family involvement, financial security, and other areas related to charitable to giving, we can tap into multiple vehicles to help create the best plan for your client.
  7. Discretion- We know that your clients often want to involved their children in discussions about charitable giving, but they're not ready to share the full details of their estate.  As a charitable giving partner, we can help make those conversations easier and more comfortable and keep the focus on the creation and development of a family giving plan that works best for them.

Create Greater Possibilities Together

For more information or to schedule a presentation at your firm, contact Joe Braun at (920) 921-2215 or joe@fdlareafoundation.com