Nate Manis was a lifelong resident of Fond du Lac, and he wouldn’t have had it any other way. He loved his community and the community loved him right back. He had a strong commitment to his two passions: education and athletics. Nate was a proud University of Wisconsin alum, having graduated from UW-Madison Law School. As an active member of the UW Athletic Board and an avid golfer, he founded the state’s first Badger Day and was instrumental in encouraging local athletes to attend the University of Wisconsin.

Nate also supported education at home, and held a position on the FDL School Board from 1966-1978, serving two terms as its president. Five new schools were built during his tenure. Nate understood the value of education and promoted it, quietly helping many young people pursue higher education.

Above all, Nate was known for his kind heart, immense generosity, and unselfish desire to help others. With his booming voice and convivial nature, he made everyone feel at ease. He was a loyal friend, treating all who came his way with equality, dignity, and respect.


A. Exemplify kindness, decency, and a strong desire to help others without asking for anything in return.
B. Do community service, not because it’s a requirement for graduation or because it looks good on the college application, but because he/she has a heartfelt desire to make a difference. 
C. Be a role model, encouraging peers, younger children and even adults to do the right thing for others.

We’re living in an age where decency and kindness continue to be in great demand, but in short supply. By giving from the heart, treating everyone equally, with dignity and respect, this deserving student could bring these values back and in doing so, would “pay it forward” for the future.

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