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How to Apply

To apply for a grant:

  1. Complete the Fond du Lac Area Foundation grant application
    (Contact the Foundation for an application)
  2. Provide a statement containing the following information: (3 pages or less)
    • Summary of the project or proposal (Include agency budget and project budget)
    • Other principal sources of support (Both confirmed and potential)
    • Outcomes of the project - at the end of the project, who will be better off and how?
    • If the project will be continued, how will it be supported the future?
    • How are you working collaboratively with other local organizations to use your funding sources effectively to provide benefit to the people you are serving?
  3. Provide a copy of the IRS Federal Tax Exemption determination lettter (501(c)3)
  4. Provide a complete list of the organization's officers and directors


  • January 15
    For consideration at the February/March Board of Directors Meeting
  • July 31
    For consideration at the August/September Board of Directors Meeting