Willard “Jake” Gores was a teacher at L.P. Goodrich High School for 40 years.  During those 40 years, he also coached football, baseball, and track.  In 1960, he was appointed Athletic Director.  In 1977, he was selected as Wisconsin Athletic Director of the Year.  There is an athletic field named in his honor adjacent to the former L.P. Goodrich High School building.  Jake and his wife, Agnes, were life-long Fond du Lac residents, raising four children all of whom graduated from the Fond du Lac school system.  This $750 scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior of Fond du Lac High School with plans to major in education and a strong desire to coach in the future.  


A. A graduating senior from Fond du Lac High School with plans to major in education
Must have participated in a high school sport at the varsity level
Must have community volunteer experience
Must have work experience
Minimum GPA of 2.75 as demonstrated by high school transcript
Personal statement (Fond du Lac High School Application)

Contact Fond du Lac High School for application