The Jim Gescheidle Scholarship Fund was established by Mary Gescheidle in memory of her husband, Jim, who was killed in a plane accident on November 4, 2002.  The life Jim led and shared with others is the reason this scholarship exists today. Jim believed in encouraging people to challenge themselves, something he himself did every day. He never settled for anything which he knew could be made better with some extra work. He lovingly lived his senses. His sense of duty led him to serve in the U.S. Army in France. His sense of community led him to Big Brothers/Big Sisters where he and his wife, Mary, served as a Big Couple for 21 years, supporting his commitment to making a child’s life better.  His sense of leadership guided him to lead many organizations, including the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs. His sense of enthusiasm and sport led him to immerse himself in the NASCAR racing circuit. His desire for challenge led him to help create a state-of-the-art high school facility in Fond du Lac, making it one of the finest school districts in the United States.

He imposed no barriers in his mind, nor in his life. He was happy to learn from anyone who would teach him. He never saw others as barriers or opponents, but as collaborators, team members, and soon-to-be friends. He treated all people with respect and a rare genuineness that was impossible not to feel when you were near him.

In the end, we created this scholarship to encourage others to live in the spirit that Jim did; to live life without barriers, to conquer new challenges, and to make a difference.
Jim's life traveled many roads, made many friends, and touched many hearts. For those who knew and loved him, he will be greatly missed. Thank you, Jim, for everything.


A $1,000 scholarship will be awarded on the basis of the following criteria:
A. A
 graduating senior of Fond du Lac High School who has participated in the Student Custodial Program established by Jim Gescheidle or a graduating senior of Fond du Lac High School who has a parent/guardian that is currently working as a custodial or maintenance worker in the Fond du Lac School District.  Students who qualify for the Jim Gescheidle Custodial Scholarship may also apply for the Jim Gescheidle Scholarship.
B. M
inimum of B average based on high school transcript
C. S
chool involvement
D. C
ommunity involvement
E. W
ritten statement (350 words or less) including your personal attitude toward life, goals for the future, how you plan to finance your education, and any special circumstances relative to financial need
F. F
inancial need


A. Submit a CERTIFIED high school senior year transcript

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