A Fond du Lac Area Foundation, Arnold & Meta Firle Scholarship is available to a graduating senior from Fond du Lac High School, Winnebago Lutheran Academy, or St. Mary's Springs Academy.  The student receiving this scholarship should have plans to major in an art related field.  Arnold ("Arnie") and Meta Firle were successful business owners, world travelers, and active community members.  When a kidney problem forced Arnie to undergo dialysis three days a week, the Firles' daughter, Susan Krause, an accomplished artist and widely recognized on the West Coast, introduced her father to the world of art.  At the age of 80, Arnie started taking art lessons in Arizona from noted artist Eddy Lopez who taught him the techniques of watercolor.  Since that time, Arnie has produced many beautiful impressionist watercolor paintings often reflecting the beauty and wonders of life that the Firles' so appreciated.  His talents are reflected in that at his first art show, Arnie’s work won an award. Arnold and Meta Firle wanted to establish this scholarship in honor of their daughter, Susan, who motivated Arnie to start painting.  The Firles' established this scholarship to pass on the appreciation of art that was passed on to them by their daughter.  


Scholarship will be awarded on the basis of the following student criteria:
A. Interview scheduled and conducted by the scholarship committee.  Student will be required to bring a minimum of three samples of their original artwork to the interview (Designs taken from other work or from published photographs are not acceptable).
School and community involvement
Written statement describing:
Why the student wants to attend college?
What field of art the student has chosen to pursue?
Why has the student selected this field of art?
Academic achievement (Please attach a certified copy of transcript)

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