The Donald P. & Marjorie W. Cummins Re-entry Scholarship is available annually to a student who has returned, or is planning to return, to college as a non-traditional student after a lapse of several years in their formal education. 

Donald Cummins, spouse of Marjorie, and their 6 children are offering a scholarship to a returning adult who is dedicated to improving their life through educational achievement.  Marjorie was a primary education teacher in the public schools for 10 years.  This scholarship was established by Mr. Cummins and his children in memory of his wife, Marjorie Cummins. She influenced children’s lives through her love of the arts.  Don and 3 of his daughters went back to, or started college, at approximately 40 years of age and subsequently earned a Bachelor of Science degree.   NOTE:  This scholarship is not intended for the traditional student going to college directly from high school. 

The Donald P. & Marjorie W. Cummins Scholarship check is sent to the school upon written proof of enrollment.  This scholarship is in the amount of $500.00.


A $500 scholarship will be annually awarded to:
A. A returning adult who is 28 years of age or older.
Demonstrate financial need
Be a legal Fond du Lac County resident seeking a degree at an accredited institution of higher learning, i.e. university, trade school, technical college, etc.
D. Submit most recent transcript – high school or college transcript.        


A. Written personal statement describing college and career plans (Type on separate page and attach to application.  Statement should be no more than 400 words).  Applications exceeding the 400 word limit will not be accepted.
Past work and life experience including your reasons for returning to college.

Download application form