The John and Sheila Boyle Engineering Scholarship was established by John and Sheila Boyle.  John and Sheila moved to Fond du Lac from their native Scotland in 1978. John transferred to Giddings and Lewis Electronics in Fond du Lac from the Giddings and Lewis – Fraser division in Arbroath, Scotland. He later started his own business: Industrial Controls Engineering, Inc.

John spent his career in automating machinery to improve productivity and quality in manufacturing industries. He became a mentor for the Fondy Fire High School Robotics team and this scholarship recognizes the benefits to students of participation in the program.


$1,000 scholarship will be awarded on the basis of the following criteria:

   -  A graduating senior and US Citizen or Permanent Resident and resident of FDL County 

   -  Participation in Fondy Fire for minimum of two years including senior year

   -  Plans to pursue a bachelor's degree in Electrical, Electronic, Software, Robotics, Mechanical, Industrial or Manufacturing Engineering

   -  Plans to attend college as a full-time student

   -  Years of participation in Fondy Fire

   -  Regular attendance at Fondy Fire meetings

   -  Participation in robotics demonstration events

   -  Answers to the four questions outlined in the application.  You may type them on a separate sheet.  Please limit each answer to a maximum of 100 words.

Download Application Form