The AAUW Re-Entry Scholarship is available annually to a woman who has returned, or is planning to return, to college as a non-traditional student after a lapse (minimum of two years) in her formal education. NOTE: This scholarship is not intended for the traditional student going to college directly from high school. 

The Fond du Lac Branch of AAUW (American Association of University Women) elected to establish this scholarship to assist mature women seeking a baccalaureate or associate degree in order to enter or re-enter the work force or to improve current employment status.

The AAUW Re-Entry Scholarship check is sent to the recipient's chosen college made payable to the school upon written proof of enrollment. This scholarship is at least $1,000.


Applications will be evaluated on the following criteria:
A. Educational background (20%)
B. Employment and volunteer experience (20%)
C. Demonstrated financial need (30%)
D. Personal statement of educational and career goals (30%)


A. Be a female who has been out of mainstream education for at least 2 years.
B. Demonstrate financial need.
C. Attend an accredited institution of higher learning.
D. Pursue a course of study that will result in a baccalaureate or associate degree.
E. Preference will be given to a legal Fond du Lac County resident.

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